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Pro Shop Open!

Call the pro shop at 360-426-6290 to make a tee time or course conditions

All League starts April 1st. Call the pro shop 360-426-6290 for more information 



Sunday, May 12th: Mother's Day Specials

Two Person Scramble free prizes Mom's golf for 50% off with paying customer.

Call 360.426.6290 to make a tee time. 80 degrees and Sunny !




Welcome to Lake Limerick and the third in a series of Wake Up Espresso Golf Tournaments

May 18th Tournament


Armed Forces Shamble Scramble


Four person teams.

Make your own tee time.

Annual golf members pay $14 for tourney 

Military pay for nine holes and play 18 plus the $14 for tourney

All others pay regular green fees and $14 for tourney

All four members of the team tee off. 

All four members hit from best tee shot.

All four members play their own ball after the second shot all the way to the hole.  The score card will have four individual scores per hole.  No required drives per person.    Handicaps are factored in at the end of the round by adding the four handicap indexes together and dividing by four.  White and blue tees men, red and gold ladies.

Closest to the pin contests on #4, #7, #13, #16

Any questions call the pro shop 360-426-6290

Lift, clean and replace in the same grass length no closer to the hole within 6 inches.





Mark your calendar

2024 Upcoming Events

March 16th,  Saturday -  Wake up Espresso- Super Scramble * Four person teams make your own tee time. $14. Entry Fee

March 17th,  Sunday - St. Patrick's Day * Free Hotdog for everyone playing at Limerick. $4 Closest to the Pin Contest. Make your own tee time

April 13th, Saturday - Masters Partnership * Four person teams plus PGA Tour player. Make your own tee times. $14 Entry Fee

April 20th, Saturday - Wake up Espresso - Lone Ranger Scramble * Four person teams make your own tee time. $14. Entry Fee

May 12th, Sunday - Mother's Day * Two person fun scramble mom plays for free

May 18th, Saturday - Wake Up Espresso - Scramble Shamble * Four person teams make your own tee time. $14. Entry Fee

June 12th, Wednesday - Shamrock Tournament * Ladies Club premier tournament and luncheon

June 15th, Saturday - Wake Up Espresso

July 12th, Friday - Fundraising tournament * Greens Committtee

July 20th, Saturday - Wake Up Espresso

August 3rd, Saturday -  Minahan Tournament * Private

August 10th, Saturday - St. Andrews OPEN * Men's Club premier tournament open to all individual play and luncheon - great prizes

August 17th, Saturday - Wake Up Espresso

September 21st, Saturday - Wake Up Espresso

October 19th, Saturday - Wake Up Espresso

NOvember 11th, Monday - Veterans Day * All Veteran free green fees

December 6th, Friday - Grounds Crew Tournament for Grounds crew * Silver tee and lunch



About Ladies League

Lake Limerick Ladies Club (Golf League)
What is the Lake Limerick Ladies Club?
A group of women who get together to golf during the golf league season, April 1 – Sept 28th. You can choose to golf either 9 holes … or 18 holes (if you have a handicap of 46 or less).

Reasons to Join?
Opportunity to golf weekly with a group of fun-loving ladies. Repetitive play helps improve your golf game. Provides an opportunity to learn the ‘Rules of Golf’ in a safe environment. You have the flexibility to golf when you want to golf. Play in competition golf and win some money. Establish and use your handicap to help keep play competitive and fair for players of all skill and experience. (Your handicap also allows you to go to other courses and participate in their tournament events.)

When does the Ladies League play Golf?
Mondays and Wednesdays – Choose to play 9 or 18 holes of golf.
Friday – Play 9 holes of golf. (Lots of women like to eat/drink at the Pro Shop following golf)
3rd Friday every month – Official “Nine and Dine” at the Pro Shop (golf Nine, then drink Wine😊)

How Much Does it Cost?
Dues are $25/year which includes the League Membership, end of the season Luncheon, and some league awards & expenses.
Daily play fee is $2. There’s an optional chip-in pot for 25 cents (chip in & you win the pot).
You need to purchase a GHIN from the Pro Shop ($45) so you can establish your handicap (by posting your scores). Once you purchase your GHIN, you can play with the league even if you haven’t yet gotten in enough rounds to establish your handicap. Once your handicap is established, you can participate in the daily play competition.

What Events does the Ladies’ League host?
 Kick-Off Breakfast – May 3rd this year (1st Wed in May, prior to our monthly league meeting)
 Daily Play Competition – Each Mon/Wed/Fri, we have a fun game lined up; anyone can win!
 Club Tournaments (9 or 18 holes): Memorial Tourney, Flag Competition, Club Championship & Fall Classic.
 Men vs Women: We play a friendly little competition each year with the men. [You can also play with the men in our monthly Mixed Scramble & Horserace.]
 Invitational 18-hole Tournament: Shamrock Tournament, 2nd Wed of June, open to the public … this is a special event, everyone can get involved!
 Guest Day: Each of our league members is encouraged to invite a friend/relative to play with us in a very fun event that includes lunch & games.
 Tri-Mixer: This year we are the host for this 9-hole tournament with 9-hole golfers from Alderbrook & Lake Cushman. Another fun day, meeting golfers from other courses, which includes lunch, raffles, etc.
Other Events:
Putting Contest at Lake Limerick DAZE … Putt Party (social) … End-of-Year Awards Luncheon

How to Join?
Contact Robbi Alberts (League Secretary) at ralberts@reachone.com, phone (206) 396-2420 –
or inquire at the Lake Limerick Pro Shop


Notice to All:

If you are interested to join the Men's Club. Please contact the Pro-shop at 360-426-6290.

We meet on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 8am' all summer long. April through September.  Every man is welcome.

We also have a Women's Club. You can contact the Pro-shop for information. They Meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Gary Yando

Men' Club President



Please read these following Lake Limerick Golf policies prior to booking tee time






Course News


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Course is OPEN
Please call us about course conditions and cart rules updates and hours of operation at 360-426-6290

The course is in EXCELLENT shape.Dress Code:  Collared shirts -No tank tops







LLCC WALKER Rules for Lake Limerick Golf Course

March 20, 2021


Non-golfing Walkers use the Lake Limerick Golf Course
golf-cart paths at their own risk.
With this in mind, these rules have been developed
in an attempt to protect Walkers from being injured.


  • LLCC golf-cart paths are only to be used by Golfers, HOA members, guests and family.
  • Walkers enter the golf course cart paths at their own risk.
  • Golfers have the right-of-way.
  • Walkers must always be aware of golfers and golf balls. Golfers do not have full control of the golf ball.
  • Walkers are to remain on the golf-cart paths (except when they step aside toward out-of-bounds to give way to golfer’s strokes).
  • When seeing the golfer is about to hit the golf ball, the walker must STOP, move to the side of the cart path (to avoid being hit by golf balls), wait for the golfer to hit the ball, and watch the ball.
  • Walkers need to walk in the direction “from the green (flag) to the tee box”.
  • Dogs must be on leashes. The dogs’ waste must be picked up by the walker and deposited in a covered garbage can. This is for the safety of our golfers and staff.
  • Walkers with children need to have full control of their children’s behavior.
  • Headphones are discouraged, due to the fact they are a distraction to what is happening on the golf course.
  • Golf carts, golfers, walkers and members’ pets are the only ones allowed on the golf cart path.
  • Motorized vehicles, skateboards, roller skates, and bicycles are prohibited on the golf-cart paths AND on the golf course.
  • Violations of these rules should be documented and directed through the Pro Shop.


Both Golfers and Member walkers are asked to be patient, courteous and polite to each other on the golf course.









At Lake Limerick…

Located on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula just outside of Shelton. Our par 72 course is test for golfers of all skill levels designed with manicured greens. Native tree lined fairways are walk-able with pull carts and electric carts available. The nine-hole course is designed with multiple tees allowing golfers to play a very enjoyable 18 holes. We are open to the public everyday year around with a Pro Shop and Café for breakfast and lunch open Thursday through Sunday.

Drone view over Lake Limerick Golf Course


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